This pressure vest is made from 1.5 mm (1/8" thick) neoprene with 100% nylon bonded to each side. The pressure vest back is full "U-loop" velcro, allowing for maximum adjustability, and is always black regardless of front color. The vest is offered in sizes XXSmall through XLarge, and comes in navy blue, forest green, camoflauge, black, purple and cobalt blue as shown. Offered at $29.95 to $89.95.
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The latest addition to our product line. This vest cools as it applies pressure. The cool vest has inside pockets containing cold gel packs front and rear to help cool your child. The gel packs are FDA compliant and completely non toxic. Also see our cool weighted pressure vests. Summer is coming!
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 weighted Vest
Pressure Vest
Autism Pressure Vests and Weighted Pressure Vests
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Weighted Pressure Vests
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The weighted pressure vest is the same as our original pressure vest but with the addition of 1-6 pounds of weight added to the vest. If you're torn between using a pressure vest or a weighted vest, this is the solution! Apply only pressure, add weights, or both, depending on the response of your child and recommendation of your therapist. Each vest comes with 2-6 weight pockets in the front section and 2-6 weight pockets in the back section (depends on size) and includes removable weights. The larger the vest, the more weight included. Offered in the same colors as our regular pressure vest.
Extra Weight Packs
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$29.95 - $89.95
$9.95 - $29.95
Vest Replacement Pieces
Weighted Pressure Vest
$39.95 - $109.95
         "Cooling Pressure Vest"
Perforated "Breathable" Vest
Australia - $20.00
United Kingdom - $20.00
Canada - $15.00
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Autism Pressure Vest weighted pressure vest
     Weighted Belts
Toy Pressure Vests
$39.95 - $109.95
Extended wear pressure vest
$39.95 - $99.95
Extended Wear Pressure Vest
Extended Wear Pressure Vest
To answer the demand for a pressure vest under garment, we offer this new extended wear pressure vest. It's"T-shirt" thin at 1/16" with a perforated front and a ventilated full velcro back at 1/16" thin. Wear it under or over your clothes for up to 12 hours or more! You can even sleep in this vest.
Weighted Belts
$39.95 -$69.95
We now offer weighted belts in sizes xsmall to large. These belts provide the same calming effect as our vests but can be worn when a vest is inappropriate or unavailable. Easily worn under a t shirt to hide the belt .
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National Autism Assoc.
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United States - $12.00
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 Cooling Pressure Vest
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Pressure Wraps
$15.95 - $39.95
New ! Autism Pressure Wraps
When it's just not possible to wear a full pressure vest; try our new pressure wrap for some of our pressure vest benefits. Made from black perforated breathable neoprene, lined on both sides with 100% nylon and secured with Velcro hook and loop closure. Easily concealed under a T shirt or Blouse
Autism Pressure Wrap
New 3 Piece Pressure Vest
Designed with teens and adults in mind;a new 3 piece pressure vest for easy on, easy off
We offer pressure vests and weighted pressure vests second to none and at an unbeatable price! Starting at $29.95. Our weighted pressure vests and regular pressure vests come in 6 colors and 6 sizes
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